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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Geansai Gorm. Blue Jumpers. Damien Mulley competition.

Geansai Gorm is the Google search term that everyone hopes will return their own page at the top ranking position

Damien Mulley has started a competition to fine the best SEO in Ireland. Here's what he said :

"You have until December 1st at 3pm to rank your website for the following phrase: geansai gorm. Yup, we’re using a phrase as gaelige in order as as not to pollute the indices as much as possible."

So anyway, I've made my own feeble attempt here geansaĆ­ gorm.

More feverish blogging to follow!!!

Oh, and by the way, 'Geansai Gorm' means 'Blue Jumper'.


  1. Quite right. Not to mention casually dropping 'geansai gorm' into comments.

  2. But there's SO much to say about blue jumpers. I can't see how anyone could possibly run out of things to say.
    For example, what a shame I missed this episode of 'Come Outside' on CBeebies - Auntie Mabel is knitting a blue jumper for her sister Eadie when she runs out of wool. She and Pippin try to buy some more but find that the wool shop has run out of the colour.